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Paddling Destinations by Region

Florida, Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas and more

California, Arizona, Utah and even into Texas

Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia

Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and in-between

Lilypads while kayaking with Wingra Boats Madison Wisconsin 1

Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and stretching to the south

Fall colors and snow on Flathead River Flathead National Forest Montana 15
Rocky Mountains

Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and the Dakotas

Canadian Rockies From Bow River Canmore Raft Tours Alberta 1
Central Canada

Alberta, to Ontario and everything else we love

Cove in Blue Rocks South Shore Nova Scotia 2
Eastern CAnada

Quebec and the Maritimes, focusing on Nova Scotia & PEI

Guided Paddling

Taylor Family float trip Glacier Guides Montana Raft Glacier National Park 9
Rafting tours

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Guided Kayaking with Ripple Effect EcoTours Marineland Florida
guided kayaking

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SUP Yoga Deerfield Beach Florida - Heather Berg - Sould Garden Yoga 3
SUP Activities

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