Taylor Family on WOW Watersports Soundboard SUP at Blind Pass Sanibel Island Fort Myers Florida 2
Review of WOW Watersports Soundboard Inflatable SUP - see why we like this paddleboard for taking kids on the water and what makes it different from other inflatable SUPs.

We love testing gear and sometimes we find new favorites. The WOW Watersports inflatable SUP, the Soundboard is a new addition to our paddling gear and it’s been a hit thus far. We’ve used it in both salt water and fresh water, it’s been dragged through the sand and crashed into rocks, and we’re still enjoying it. Most recently we brought it for a paddling trip in South Florida and loved our trips on the Soundboard!

Everything you Need to Know About the Soundboard SUP

Not all inflatable SUPs are created equal, and while the WOW Watersport Soundboard isn’t my favorite inflatable paddleboard I’ve ever used, I do like several aspects of it and it’s proven great for getting on the water with kids. Here is my complete review including photos of where we’ve used the Soundboard for context.

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WOW Watersports Inflatable SUP Soundboard 1

How Firm is the WOW Soundboard Inflatable SUP?

Rigidity is the first thing an experiences stand up paddler talks about when they start to compare an inflatable SUP to a foam or fiberglass board. Many people complain about how first inflatable paddleboards are in comparison to solid state boards. As somebody who uses inflatable SUPs 95% of the time, I can tell you that yes, it matters how rigid a board is and yes, inflatable paddleboards can absolutely do the trick.

Like with any inflatable SUP, the WOW Soundboard does require that it’s pumped up properly, as does its sister board the 10’6″ Rover SUP. The people who moan about inflatable SUPs are 99% of the time not actually filling them properly, so they think they are lame. No, my friend, you’re lame. A properly inflated paddleboard is amazing to use and, I find, much easier on my feet and knees. Also, if you’re paddling in the Florida Keys or some other place with strong currents, you’ll want to feel solid and supported.

The WOW Soundboard inflates to 15 PSI, but it’s firm enough to support a large adult at 12 PSI. Anything less than 12 PSI and it has more of a bend than I like. Ultimately, if you’re following the product guidelines, you’ll be happy with how firm the WOW Soundboard is.

Taylor Family WOW Watersports Inflatable SUP Soundboard at Rock Springs Run Florida 5

Is the WOW Soundboard Easy to Setup?

The air capacity on this board is more than most standard inflatable SUPs, so finishing it off manually can be a bit of a workout, but if you are used to the process it’s not bad. In general, setup is as easy as removing the WOW Soundboard from its backpack, unrolling it, pumping it up (we use an electric one to do most of the work) and then finishing it off with the manual high capacity two-way pump that comes with the board. Complete setup takes less than 5 minutes.

Don’t forget to add the fin! The detachable fin is the standard post and screw setup:

  • place anchor nut in groove and move into position
  • insert fin with cross posts, angled back
  • align screw hole with anchor nut and tighten. Done!
Taylor Family on WOW Watersports Rover and Soundboard SUP at Blind Pass Sanibel Island Fort Myers Florida 2

Features of the Soundboard Inflatable SUP

There are a few things that make the WOW Soundboard unique, but the feature most people notice is the sound system that comes with the inflatable paddleboard. When you get your Soundboard, it comes with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker which fits into a holder built into the board. It connects to a phone very easily and sounds pretty good with battery life for a nice long paddle.

The other thing that I particularly like about the WOW Soundboard is the texture of the deck mat. Instead of being firm rubber, it’s a soft but durable grippy foam. I like this for when I move to my knees for paddling. It feels nice on bare feet too.

The last feature, and this is a standard for inflatable paddleboards, is the backpack for storage and transport. With solid construction, it’s very easy to carry and pack the Soundboard inflatable SUP back into. I’ve had some boards that you have to be very specific in how you pack it back up, but the WOW Soundboard actually fits easily with all its gear.

Taylor Family on WOW Watersports Soundboard SUP at Bunche Beach San Carlos Bay Fort Myers Florida 2

What’s included with the WOW Soundboard Inflatable SUP

The WOW Soundboard inflatable paddleboard comes with everything you need to get on the water. The complete kit has:

  • the 11′ WOW Watersport Soundboard
  • detachable fin
  • ankle cable
  • three piece paddle
  • high capacity two way manual air pump
  • waterproof Bluetooth speaker – WOW Sound Buoy
  • storage backpack

It all fits easily in the backpack, and to make sure, it also has a cinch strap to keep everything together if you like. It’s really easy to setup and put away.

WOW Sound Buoy Bluetooth Speaker with Soundboard 1

Comparison to Other Inflatable SUPs

What I like about the WOW Soundboard in comparison to other inflatable paddleboards I’ve used is both the texture of the decking (like I mentioned) and it’s ease of putting away. When properly inflated it rivals my longest-used SUP (the BIC Wing), with this board being easier to put away. It balances well and can take waves head on very well.

Because the Soundboard is a bit wider than most other inflatable SUPs, it’s also very easy to use it with kids. Our kids like to sit on the front of our boards when we’re paddling, and the Soundboard is both of their preferred SUP transport.

Taylor Family on WOW Watersports Soundboard SUP at Blind Pass Sanibel Island Fort Myers Florida 4

Where can I get a WOW Soundboard

The WOW Watersports Soundboard is available directly through the manufacturer, or several other retailers. Here are links to check pricing and availability:

If you have any questions about the WOW Soundboard inflatable SUP or any other gear or SUP destinations, please let us know by leaving a comment or sending us a note. Happy paddling!

WOW Watersports Soundboard SUP at Bunche Beach San Carlos Bay Fort Myers Florida 2

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