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Need to get a hold of us? Want to share your favorite kayaking destination? Did you do an amazing paddling tour somewhere and just have to tell somebody about it? Send us a note!

Destination Projects

If you’re looking to have us share your destination or spread the word about an amazing paddling opportunity, please send us a note here or to PADDLEYOURSTATE @ GMAIL.COM. We have a variety of ways to partner with destinations and tour providers to inform the public about a lots of things:

  • local kayaking tour services
  • newly established water trails
  • regional leave-no-trace messaging
  • paddling guides to share public launch information
  • video and photo assets and campaign projects (also via

Want to Write for Paddle Your State?

The best guides and articles about kayaking, rafting and SUP all come from FIRST HAND experience. Did you have an unforgettable encounter with a pod of dolphins while kayaking? Maybe you learned about wildlife safety when a moose crossed your path somewhere in Montana.

Stories and advice articles like this are invaluable! We’re happy to publish well written experiential articles that showcase the many facets of paddling, both for experienced and beginner paddlers.